Volume 6, Issue 1



The Editors
A Fifth Anniversary
John Shotter
Cartesian Change, Chiasmic Change — The Power of Living Expression
Lars Iyer
The Unbearable Trauma and Witnessing in Blanchot and Levinas
M.D. Tschaepe
Halo of Identity: The Significance of First Names and Naming
Temenuga Trifonova
Matter-Image or Image-Consciousness: Bergson contra Sartre
Joaquin Trujillo
The Islamic Terrorist Approached as There-Being:
An Existential-Phenomenological Analysis
Ian Edwards
Derrida’s (Ir)religion: A Theology (of Differance)


Joseph Karasek
Three Movements in a Forgotten Life
Robert Gibbons
Two poems
Ellen McGrath Smith
While Bottling the Wine
Garth Barbee
On Watching an Old Barn Collapse
Joan Bauer
The Potato Peeler
Josh Obusek
She Smiled, I Have Proof
Prasenjit Maiti
Two poems
Robert Desnos (translated by Todd Sanders)
Poems from The Secret Book for Youki
Michael Wurster
Three Poems
Walt Peterson
Key West: February
Ouyang Yu
Two poems


Martin Heidegger’s The Essence of Human Freedom and The Essence of Truth

Theodore Kisiel’s Heidegger’s Way of Thought: Critical and Interpretative Signposts


Ilan Ziv’s Human Weapon
Anand Patwardhan’s War and Peace


Lyle Novinski
Commentary on Cover Painting: Seeing an Old Barn Collapse