Volume 16, Issue 1

Special Issue



Wei-Hsin Lin
Chasing After Nothingness—Reading Zhang Ailing
Through Žižek’s Interpretation of Lacan
Frederick Kraenzel
Motivations and Causes of the Climax and Decline of
Classical Music
Anthony F. Badalamenti
Gilgamesh and Social Responsibility
Andrew Ball
Subjects of Desire: Gaze and Voice in Krapp’s Last Tape
Pritha Kundu
“The Doctor’s Dilemma” and Bioethics in Literature: An
Interdisciplinary Approach
Tanja Staehler
Who’s Afraid of Birth? Exploring Mundane and Existential
Affects with Heidegger
Beverley Catlett
Madness as Prophecy in Dystopia: Shakespeare’s Hamlet,
Nietzsche’s Philosophy, and Heller’s Satire of Wartime
Daniel Kaplin, Derek A. Giannone, Adrianna Flavin, Laura Hussein, Sruti Kanthan, Sue H. A. Young, Amandeep Singh, and Patrick Mele
The Religious and Philosophical Foundations of Freud’s
Tripartite Theory of Personality


Antonio Reyes
El Caiman
Verano Vida

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