Volume 12, Issue 2


Special Issue on Corpses


Rajiv Kaushik, Athena V. Colman & Natalie Alvarez
Tina Chanter
What if Oedipus or Polynices had been a Slave? Antigone’s Burial of Polynices
Natalie Alvarez
Bodies Unseen: The Early Modern Anatomical Theatre and the Danse Macabre of Theatrical “Looking”
Athena C. Colman
Lacan’s Anamorphic Object: Beneath Freud’s Unheimlich
Drew Dalton
The Object of Anxiety: Heidegger and Leviinas and the Phenomenology of the Dead
Rajiv Kaushik
The Obscene and the Corpse: Reflection on the Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat
Gregory Minissale
Deleuzian Approaches to the Corpse: Serrano, Witkin, and Eisenmann
Brent Dean Robbins
Confronting the Cadaver: The Denial of Death in Modern Medicine