Volume 4, Issue 2



The Editors
Editorial: The Questioning Call
Antoine Vergote, Translated by Stewart Sadowsky
Husserl and Freud on the Psychic Body in Action: A Comparative Analysis with a Reference to the Neurosciences
Frank Edler
Heidegger, Hölderlin, and National Socialism
Stuart Dalton
Kierkegaard’s Repetition as a Comedy in Two Acts
Christopher Frost, Michael Arfken, & Dylan W. Brock
The Psychology of Self-Deception as Illustrated in Literary Characters
Lars Iyer
The Birth of Philosophy in Poetry: Blanchot, Char, Heraclitus
M. Michael Schiff
Histories and Theories of Nationalism: A Semiotic Reproach


Robert Gibbons
An Echo of the Silence and the Dead, In North Lebanon
R. Flowers Rivera
Salah: Dulles Airport, Backwater Gal
Norm Levine
Deer of Denman Island, Movie-Smart
David Allen
Fifth Fragment from Seven Fragments: A Walk at Dawn in San Francisco
Ouyang Yu
Beautiful Death, The Bone of a Tree
Roger Jones
Michele Reese
In-Between Place,
Claudia K. Grinnell
From Now On, Stabat Mater,


Wandering Joy: Meister Eckhart’s Mystical Philosophy, Translations and Commentary by Reiner Schürmann

Immemorial Silence, by Karmen MacKendrick


“Impossible Confession: A Review of ‘Derrida’s Elsewhere'”

Blue End, Directed by Kasper Kasics

Mille Gilles: A Thousand Gilles


Matthew Ziff