Volume 14, Issue 2



Stuart Joy
The Look on Their Faces: Transcending Lack on Christopher Nolan The Prestige
Nisha Gupta
The Cinematic Chiasm: Evoking Societal Empathy through the Phenomenological
Language of Film
Kevin Love
Différance and Paranoia
Dr. Christine Daigle and Dr. Louise Renée
Performing Philosophy: Beauvoir’s Methodology and its Ethical and Political
Saulius Geniusas
The Spectacles of Pain and Their Contemporary Forms of Representation
Rachel Starr
“Oh, a friend!” Psychotherapy and the Other in the Light of Montaigne’s Essays
Anthony Splendora
Dead Tilt: Playing for Keeps at “The Blue Hotel,” the Prize and the Price.
Robert Scott Stewart and Michael Manson
“Misplaced Men: Aging and Change in Coetzee’s Disgrace and McCarthy’s No
Country for Old Men”
Arthur A. Brown
The Primordial Affirmations of Literature: Merleau-Ponty and Stephen Crane’s “The
Open Boat”
Heather Fox
Representations of Truth: The Significance of Order in Katherine Anne Porter’s The
Old Order Stories


Michael Bradburn-Ruster
The Triumph of Kafka


Emilie Mathis
The Still Life
Liz Glodek
Hayden Planetarium
On Your Old Age

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