Volume 15, Issue 1

Special Issue



Katherine Ziff
Artist Statement
ONE: The Maafa
TWO: The Middle Passage
THREE: Bisimbi
FOUR: Breath
FIVE: A Way Forward


Arthur Brown
The Cottonwood
Amy Ash & Callista Buchen
Hunger as Letter
Nightmare as Reverse


George Moore
Education of the Artist
Lawrence Harvey
Scattering the Articles of Textual Law: An interrogation of the                            poethical turn in the later work of Levinas
Bradley Warfield
Dialogical Dasien: Heidegger on “Being with,” “Discourse,” and Solicitude
Archana Barua
Toward a Feminist Critic of Science
Virginia Hromulak
Counter-Turning The Turn of the Screw
Avishek Parui
“Do you see the story?” Consciousness, Cognition and Cricis of Narration in
Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
Jessi Snider
Simulation of Life: Laughter and Knowledge in The Custom of the
Dominic Ofori
Making Meaning of the Colonial Experience: Reading Things Falling
Apart through the Prism of Alfred Schutz’s Phenomenology

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