Volume 8, Issue 2



Helen Douglas
Margret Grebowicz
“Marie Goes to Japan”: Thinking, Praxis, and the Possibility of the New
Alphonso Lingis
Seth Huebner
Virginia Woolf: O Thy Splendid Identity!
Bert Olivier
Philosophy and the Pursuit of One’s Desire: Mathilde’s Project
John M. Desmond
The Dying Louisiana Wetlands
Robert D. Walsh
Philosophical Counseling Practice
Peter B. Raabe
Reinterpreting Psychiatric Diagnoses
Robert Scott Stewart
Maddening Melancholy: The Perils of Psychological Reductionism in Walker Percy,. Richard Ford, and Jonathan Franzen
Jana Milloy
Eros of Writing–Gesture of Absence
Stuart Grant
Practical Intersubjectivity
Tom Strong & Andy Lock
Discursive Therapy?
Louis N. Sandowsky
Existential Psychoanalysis and Freudian Psychoanalysis
Mike Kantey
Reflections on Half a Life in Homage to Sophia
Jonathan Diamond
Wittgenstein’s Tigers: Lessons on Faith and Humor


Ana Iribas
Interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky


Tomas Tranströmer
Five poems
Laurelyn Whitt
Two poems
Robert Gibbons
Three poems
Claire Barbetti
Five poems
Richard Hoffman
Four poems
Jonathan Monroe
Two poems
Sarah Biggs
Her Coyote Spirit


Reviewer: T. Michael Roberts
The Embodiment of Science
Review of Galileo’s Pendulum: Science, Sexuality and the Body-Instrument Link
by Dusan I. Bjelic
Reviewer: David Ross Fryer
Beyond the Big Three: French Feminist Theory Today
Review of French Feminist Theory
by Dani Cavallaro
Reviewer: James Manos
Modern Specters of Madness
Review of The Passive Eye: Gaze and Subjectivity in Berkeley (via Beckett)
by Branka Arsic
Reviewer: Alan Pope
The Crucifixion Through a Lens Sharply
Review of Passionate Dialogues: Critical Perspectives on Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ
Edited by Daniel Burston & Rebecca I. Denova


Syrie Kovitz

Uwe Schmidt-Hess
Melancholic Machine
Doc Ross