About Janus Head

Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts is devoted to maintaining an attitude of respect and openness to the various manifestations of truth in human experience; it strives to foster understanding through meditative thinking, narrative structure, and poetic imagination.

Like the Janus head reliefs found over the doorways of old Roman homes, this journal, too, is situated at a threshold. The space within this journal, like the space beyond the Janus head relief, is a space where dwelling can occur, where thinking can take place, and where the community can be built.

Janus Head is an interdisciplinary journal that places emphasis on the intersections among literature, continental philosophy,
phenomenological psychology, and the arts. Our board welcomes the submission of innovative work from authors and artists who have the courage
to take risks to create a fruitful dialogue among the disciplines of the academy.

Download a complete copy of Volume 18, Issue 1 — Special Issue