Changes to Janus Head

This new issue of Janus Head has something for everyone. Our two philosophical essays, by Gregory Kyle Klug and Stephen Hatton, are big picture endeavors with some fascinating details. Both essays are richly interdisciplinary from authors who have extensive backgrounds in multiple fields in the humanities and the fine arts.

We have added a section with fiction, which goes back to the roots of the journal’s inception. The stories were chosen for their philosophical themes along with their literary merit. I would like to thank Mark Pleiss and Jeremy Griffin, our new creative co-editors for their skills. Each issue of the journal is going to include fiction and, we are hoping, creative non-fiction.

Poetry is a mainstay and once again we have a fine collection in this issue. Thanks go to David Wolf for the cultivation of our poetry section.

Finally, we have included some visual art. This addition again goes back to the core mission of the journal.

I would like to thank the Philosophy Documentation Center (PDC) and the director George Leaman for continuous help and advice. It is not a simple matter to keep a smaller staffed journal going and we have benefitted greatly from the PDC. From this issue into the future Janus Head is published by the PDC. We are working on our author agreements and publication contracts. Our publication ethics statement is on this website and the PDC website.

To explore this issue, and issues to come, please follow this link: The new issue is free.

For Authors:

To locate your work in our new format, do the following:

Click on 

Click on “Current Issue.” That will take you to the Table of Contents. 

Find your work and click on “view” 

That will take you to a page listing your work(s) in the current issue. 

In the upper right, a button labeled “Show Document” should appear. Click on it to access your work(s).

Please note that the new PDC (Philosophy Documentation Center) format means all authors have immediate DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers and are indexed in every major academic search engine in the world. Thank you again for your contribution to Janus Head

Thank you,
John Pauley