Volume 13, Issue 2

Open issue with emergent theme of the lived experience of mood



Robert D. Stolorow
Heidegger, Mood and the Lived Body: The Ontical and the Ontological
Brent Dean Robbins
Joyful Thinking-Thanking: A Reading of Heidegger’s “What is Called Thinking?”
Charles Sabatino
Energy Becoming Love
Robert D. Stolorow
Love, Loss and Finitude
Robert G. McInerney
A Phenomenological Account of the Shooting Spree
Rex Olson
Psyche as Postmodern Condition: The Situation of Metaphor in James Hillman’s Archetypal Psychology
Richard W. Bargdill
Toward a Theory of Habitual Boredom
Eric Greene
Phenomenology of Condoms
Keith Moser
The Ethical Summons Extended by Le Clézio’s “Martin” and Other Casualties of Peer-Victimization