Volume 8, Issue 1



Brent Dean Robbins
Craig Holdrege
Paul Ricoeur and Sorin Antohi
Memory, History, Forgiveness: A Dialogue Between Paul Ricoeur and Sorin Antohi
Craig Holdrege
Doing Goethean Science
Daniel C. Wahl
“Zartre Empirie”: Goethean Science as a Way of Knowing
Brent Dean Robbins
New Organs of Perception: Goethean Science as a Cultural Therapeutics
John Shotter
Goethe and the Refiguring of Intellectual Inquiry: From ‘Aboutness’-Thinking to ‘Withness’- Thinking in Everyday Life
Eva-Maria Simms
Goethe, Husserl, and the Crisis of the European Sciences
John Cameron
Place, Goethe and Phenomenology
Dennis L. Sepper
Goethe and the Poetics of Science
Christina Root
The Proteus Within: Thoreau’s Practice of  Goethe’s Phenomenology
Malte C. Ebach
Anschauung and the Archetype: The Role of Goethe’s Delicate Empiricism in Comparative Biology
Maura C. Flannery
Goethe and the Molecular Aesthetic
Bill Bywater
Goethe: A Science Which Does Not Eat the Other
Allan Kaplan
Emerging Out of Goethe: Conversation as a Form of Social Inquiry


Andrei Codrescu
Casanova Meets Goethe: An excerpt from the novel, Casanova in Bohemia


Robert Bly
Two poems
Pattiann Rogers
Four poems
Andrei Codrescu
Richard Hoffman
Three poems
Martin Steingesser
Sarah Biggs
The Whore, or a Bull
Elizabeth Bradfield
Three poems
Annie Seikonia
Bin Bin (translated by Ouyang Yu)
Three poems
Malte C. Ebach
Kenneth Rosen
Heart of Earth


Reviewer: Donald L. Turner
Philosophy of the Animal
Review of Animal Philosophy: Ethics and Identity
Edited by Peter Atterton & Matthew Calarco
Reviewer: Andrew Feldmar
Deleuze’s Catch After His Surrender to Bacon
Review of Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation
by Gilles Deleuze
Reviewer: Bryan R. Farrow
The Will to Murder
Review of The Nature of Truth
by Sergio Troncoso
Reviewer: Brent Dean Robbins
Taking Bataille Seriously
Review of The Sunday of the Negative: Reading Bataille Reading Hegel
by Christopher M. Gemerchak
Reviewer: Kimberly Brown
In Borges’ Shadow
Review of The Lesson of the Master
by Norman Thomas Di Giovanni
Reviewer: Stuart Elden
Specifying Badiou
Review of Badiou: A Subject to Truth
by Peter Hallward
Reviewer: Claudette Kulkarni
Finding Their Voices: Philosophy as a Way of Life
Review of Singing in the Fire: Stories of Women in Philosophy
Edited by Linda Martin Alcoff
Reviewer: James McLachlan
Bergson’s Challenge to Phenomenology, Ontology and Ethics
Review of The Challenge of Bergsonism
by Leonard Lawlor
Reviewer: Steven A. Benko
Exposure to the Posthuman Other
Review of Avatar Bodies: A Trantra for Posthumanism
by Ann Weinstone
Reviewer: Ivy Cooper
Historical Relapse, False Memory, and Other Oddities in the Time-Space Continuum
Review of Deja Vu: Abberations of Cultural Memory
by Peter Krapp
Reviewer: Elizabeth McCardell
The Embrace of Paradox for the Healing of Humankind
Review of Dimensions of Apeiron: A Topological Phenomenology of Space, Time, and Individuation
by Steven M. Rosen
Reviewer: Louis Hoffman
Beyond the Narrative View of Life-History
Review of The Wild-Region in Life History
by  Laszlo Tengelyi (translated by Geza Kallay)
Reviewer: Brian Caterino
The Objects of Scientific Desire
Review of The Objects of Social Science
by Eleonora Montuschi
Reviewer: C. Oscar Jacob
Fact or Fiction
Review of Jewish Philosophy: An Historical Introduction
by Norbert M. Samuelson


Syrie Kovitz

Brad Fuller