Volume 12, Issue 1


Amy E. Taylor
Robert Gibbons
Editorial: “Souling”
Rolf von Eckhartsburg
Social and Electronic Immortality
Amy E. Taylor
Body and Technology: Reframing the Humanistic Critique
Nathaniel Rivers & Jeremy Tirrell
Productive Strife: Andy Clark’s Cognitive Science and Rhetorical Agonism
Julie Dunlop
2 Poems
Eugene M. DeRobertis
St. Thomas Aquinas’s Philosophical Anthropology as a Viable Underpinning for a Holistic Psychology: A Dialogue with Existential-Phenomenology
Richard Hoffman
Three Poems
Mark Fratoni
What Do I Love When I Love My Patient? Toward an Apophatic Derridean Psychotherapy
Jerome Rothenberg
Five Poems
Michael P. Sipiora
Hesse’s Steppenwolf: A Comic-Psychological Interpretation
Liz Bradfield
Five Poems
Sylvie Gambaudo
We Need To Talk About Eva: The Demise of the Phallic Mother
Joshua Soffer
The Meaning of Feeling: Banishing the Homunculus from Psychology
William Heyen
Five Poems
David D. Dillard-Wright
Figurations of the Ecstatic: The Labor of Attention in Aesthetic Experience
Cleopatra Kontoulis & Eliza Kitis
Don DeLillo’s The Body Artist: Time, Language and Grief
William Heyen
The Green Bookcase
Norman Arthur Fischer
Rudyard Kipling’s Stories of Overcoming Existential Angst through Empathy
Gregory Phipps
Matisse of Montreal
Bryne Lewis Allport
John Pauley
Faulkner’s Tragic Fiction and the Impossibility of Theodicy
Robert Garfield McInerney
A Transcontinental Journey Brings Transcendental Understanding: A Review
of Existential Psychology East-West

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