Volume 7, Issue 1

Special Issue on Addiction II



Jonathan Diamond
Marty Roth
The Golden Age of Drinking and the Fall into Addiction
Luigi Arata
Nepenthes and Cannabis in Ancient Greece
Erik Mortenson
High Off the Page: Representing the Drug Experience of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg
Peta Malins
Machine Assemblages: Deleuze, Guattari and an Ethico-Aesthetics of Drug Use
Jeremy Biles
I, Insect, or Bataille and the Crush Freaks
Michael Cohen
Metaddiction: Addiction at Work in Martin Amis’ Money
Jen Royce Severns
A Sociohistorical View of Addiction and Alcoholism
Joaquin Trujillo
An Existential-Phenomenology of Crack Cocaine Abuse
Mark Griffiths
Sex Addiction on the Internet


Jochen Thermann
Fly Plague


Samuel Hazo
Two Poems
Su Shi (translated by Ouyang Yu)
Three Poems
Stephen Mead
Six Poems with Drawings
Alex Lang
Four Poems
Marc Jampole
Three Poems
Mike James
Three Poems


Reviewer: Deborah Bogen
The White Calf Kicks
by Deborah Slicer
Reviewer: C. Oscar Jacob
Interrupting Auschwitz
by Josh Cohen
Reviewer: Steve Bindeman
Extreme Beauty: Aesthetics, Politics, Death
Edited by James Swearingen & Joanne Cutting-Gray
Reviewer: Calum Neill
Comedy, Fantasy and Colonialism
Edited by Graeme Harper


Brent Mitchell
Mardi Gras Photographs