Volume 9, Issue 2




Shaun Gallagher
Introduction: The Arts and Sciences of the Situated Body
Jonathan Cole & Barbara Montero
Affective Proprioception
Gediminis Karoblis
Controlling Gaze, Chess Play and Seduction in Dance: Phenomenological Analysis of the Natural Attitude of the Body in Modern Ballroom Dance
Helena De Preester
To Peform the Layered Body–A Short Exploration of the Body in Performance
Ingar Brinck
Situated Cognition, Dynamic Systems, and Art: On Artistic Creativity and Aesthetic Experience
Jondi Keane
Situating Situatedness through Æffect and the Architectural Body of Arakawa and Gins
Alexander Kozin
The Uncanny Body: From Medical to Aesthetic Abnormality
Dorothée Legrand
Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness: On Being Bodily in the World
Stephen H. Watson
Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenological Itinerary From Body Schema to Situated Knowledge: On How We Are and How We Are Not to “Sing the World”
Evan Selinger and Timothy Engström
On Naturally Embodied Cyborgs: Identities, Metaphors, and Models
Andy Clark
Negotiating Embodiment: A Reply to Selinger and Engström
Rob Harle
Disembodied Consciousness and the Transcendence of the Limitations of the Biological Body
Andrew R. Rawnsley
A Situated or a Metaphysical Body? Problematics of Body as Mediation or a Site of Inscription


Christine Wiesenthal
The Laundry Cycle
Richard Hoffman
Helen Krieger
Fifty-Some Bags of Garbage at the Edge of the Earth
Fanny Howe
Thoughts About Thoughts
Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Two poems
Alex Irvine
Kristina Marie Darling
Three poems
Mary Lynn Broe
Tight and Low Across the Lap
Kurt Caswell
Hunger at the Mountain


Reviewer: Jan-Kyrre Berg Olsen
Celebrating Don Ihde
Review of Postphenomenology: A Critical Companion to Ihde
Edited by Evan Selinger
Reviewer: G. Keilan Rickard
Textual Styles
Review of Analyzing Prose by Richard Lanham
Reviewer: Hakan Sandgren
Nordic Women, Symbiotic Poetry
Review of To Catch a Life Anew: 18 Swedish Women Poets
Translated by Eva Claeson, Sonia Akesson, Kristina Lugn,
Barbro Dahlin, & Margareta Ekstrom
Reviewer: Kristen Hennessy
The Complexities of Cixious and Ecriture Feminine
Review of Helene Cixious: Live Theory by Ian Blyth & Susan Sellers


Syrie Kovitz