Volume 19, Issue 1

Special Issue on COVID-19 with Open Essays



Essays on COVID-19

Editor’s Note on COVID-19 Essays
Maeve Callan
Plague, Prejudice, and Possibility: Fourteenth-Century Lessons for Our Own Troubled Times
Lenore Metrick-Chen
Art and Race in the Time of Covid-19: Focus on Asian Americans
Eric Kwame Adae
Weightier Matters: Examining CEO Activism Issues in Ghana’s non-Western Context

Open Essays

Simon Ravenscroft
Play and Interruption as a Mode of Action in Arendt, Dostoevsky, and Kharms
Tom Grimwood
The Rhetoric of Demonic Repetition: The Two Deaths of Osama Bin Laden and Other Stories 
Norman Kenneth Swazo
The Poetic Task of “Becoming Homely”: Heidegger reading Hölderlin reading Sophocles

Dušan Bjelić
The Balkans: Geo-psychoanalysis


Editor’s Note: Featured Poet Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown

Tall Grass
As the Crow Flies
The Stranger
Eye and Mind
Modern Art
The Medium

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