Volume 14, Issue 1

Special Issue on Evil



Eric Boynton
John D. Caputo
Praying for an Earthier Jesus: A Theology of Flesh
Eric Severson
Hope, Evil and Creatio ex Nihilo
Keith Putt
The Existence of Evil and the Insistence of God: Caputo’s Poetics of the Event as a
Discourse on Divine Intervention
Anthony T. Larson
Empowering Evil, or, Good Evil is Hard to Find
John Pauley
Evil is Business as Usual: An Essay on Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men
Bruce Ellis Benson
Chrétien on the Call that Wounds
Eric Boynton
Ivan’s Rebellion: Love and the Excess of Evil
Victor E. Taylor
“Jean-François Lyotard, Evil, and the Turn to ‘Para/Ethics’”
Rosa Slegers
Forebodings: Uncanny Approaches to Evil


Alison Swan
The Ecology of Art
Philip Barron
The problem of history
The problem of identity
David Wolf
From Sablier, (The Objectivist in the Land of the Fauves)
From Sablier, (Time Coming ‘Round)

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