Volume 10, Issue 1

10th Anniversary Volume



Brent Dean Robbins
Celebrating Our 10th Volume
Don Ihde
Michael Filimowicz
The Noise of the World
John Pauley
Agency, Identity and Technology: The Concealment of the Contingent in American Culture
Charles J. Sabatino
A Heideggerian Reflection on the Prospects of Technology
Tom Sparrow
Bodies in Transit: The Plastic Subject of Alphonso Lingis
Ellen Miller
Sylvia Plath and White Ignorance: Race and Gender in “The Arrival of the Bee Box”
Teresa Calderon Quindos
Standing Unearthed: Construing a Persona Behind Plath’s “I Am Vertical”
Sharin N. Elkholy
Friendship Across Differences: Heidegger and Richard Wright’s Native Son
Kevin Aho
Recovering Play: On the Relationship Between Leisure and Authenticity in Heidegger’s Thought 
Alan Pope
“Is There a Difference?”: Iconic Images of Suffering in Buddhism and Christianity
Predrag Cicovacki
On the Central Motivation of Dostoevsky’s Novels
Kate Terezakis
Against Violent Objects: Linguistic Theory and Practice in Novalis
Daan Hoekstra
The Artist’s Study of Nature and its Relationship to Goethean Science


Pablo Neruda
Heights of Macchu Picchu
Paul Celan
Fourteen poems from Breathturn
Kalina Maleska-Gegaj
A House on the Drim River
Katia Kapovich
Six poems
Pankaj Kurulka
The Doom
Richard Hoffman
Says Who
Robert Gibbons
Six poems


Reviewer: Thomas Hallinan
One-Hundred Thinkers
Review of Great Thinkers A-Z
Edited by Julian Braggini & Jeremy Stangroom
Reviewer: Rune Moelbak
A Deleuzian Reading of Bergson
Review of The Challenge of Bergsonism
by Leonard Lawlor
Reviewer: Wade Roberts
A Translator’s Introduction to Levinas
Review of Toward the Outside: Concepts and Themes in Emmanuel Levinas
by Michael B. Smith
Reviewer: Kristen Hennessy
Stories of Psychologists
Review of Narrative Identities: Psychologists Engaged in Self-Construction
by George Yancy & Susan Hadley


Kate Sedgwick
Heal Thyself