Volume 15, Issue 2

Special Issue



Matthew Ziff
A Vision of Co#38F629
Bikeway Walkers
Brick Colonade
Church Shadows
Depot Bricks
Golden Overhead


Jérôme Melançon and Veronika Reichert
You Can’t Take It with You: On Leaving Emotions Out of
Political Life
Alessia Pannese
Space, language, and the limits of knowledge: a Kantian view on William T. Beckford’s Vathek
Don Adams
Spinozan Realism: The Prophetic Fiction of Jane Bowles
Michael Wainwright
On What Matters for African Americans: W. E. B. Du Bois’s “Double
Consciousness” in the Light of Derek Parfit’s Reasons and Persons
William Tate
“Where Eyes Become the Sunlight”: Roman Fountains
in Martin Heidegger and Richard Wilbur
Gerald Cipriani
The Touch of Meaning: Researching Art between Text and Texture
Ross Crisp
Kafka’s “categorical imperative” and his sense of “being and non-being”

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