Volume 4, Issue 1



Daniel Burston

Section I: The Life and Work of R. D. Laing

Daniel Burston
R. D. Laing and the Politics of Diagnosis
Leon Redler, Steven Gans, and Bob Mullan
Remembering Ronnie
Joseph H. Berke
Trick or Treat: The Divided Self of R. D. Laing
Andrew Feldmar
Entheogens and Psychotherapy
Theodor Itten
Laing in Austria
F. A. Jenner
On the Legacy of Ronald Laing

Section II: Theory and Therapy

Gavin Miller
Cognition and Community: The Scottish Philosophical Context of the Divided Self
Scott Bortle
R. D. Laing as Negative Thinker
Brent Potter
Comprehending Madness: The Contextualization of Psychopathology in the Worl of R. D. Laing
Miles Groth
Laing’s Presence
Victor Barbetti
Classification and the Treatment of the Patient
Daniel Burston


Phyllis Webb
v. (For RDL) From “A Question of Questions”
Emily Dickinson
Much Madness is Divinest Sense
Gerard Manley Hopkins
As Kingfisher’s Catch Fire, Dragonflies Draw Flame
The Windhover