Volume 5, Issue 1

Knowing Subjects: Human Lives, Human Worlds

Selected essays from
The George Washington University’s
7th Annual Conference in the Human Sciences



Brent Dean Robbins
Andrea Custodi
Editorial (Conference Organizer)
Lewis R. Gordon
Making Science Reasonable: Peter Caws on Science both Human and “Natural”
David Theo Goldberg
Post-Racial States
Virginia Held
Feminist Moral Inquiry: The Role of Experience
Jonathan D. Moreno
Fiduciary Knowledge and Moral Consensus in Bioethics
John R. Wright
A Plea for Acknowledgment: Reflections on Finding Human Reasons for Moral Action
Linda Belau
The Hermeneutics of Psychoanalysis (Trauma, Repetition, and the Signifier)
Brent Dean Robbins
Lacan: The Limits of Love and Knowledge
Julie Reiser
The Autobiography of Consciousness and the New Cognitive Existentialism
Kristana Arp
Founding an Existential Ethics: Sartre’s Existentialism is a Humanism Revisited
Stuart Umpleby
Should Knowledge of Management Be Organized as Theories or as Methods?
John Rudisill
Towards a Reclamation of Substantive Liberalism