Volume 16, Issue 2



George Saitoh
The Castle of Debris: Tatsuya Tatsuta’s Formative Abstract
Representation of Lacanian Desire
Hub Zwart
Vampires, Viruses, and Verbalisation: Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a
genealogical window into fin-de-siècle science
Steven C. Hertler
Psychological Perceptiveness in Pushkin’s Poetry and Prose
Fernando Calderón Quindós and M. Teresa Calderón Quindós
Rousseau’s Languages: Music, Diplomacy, and Botany
Ehsan Emami Neyshaburi
A Review of the Theoretical Bases of the Beats’ Repudiation of
Norman Swazo
“Moral Enigma” in Shakespeare’s Othello? An Exercise in
Philosophical Hermeneutics
Clay Lewis
Into The Void: Nietzsche’s Confrontation With Cosmic Nihilism


Carol Roh Spaulding


Michaela Mullin
At the Locker
Total Eclipse
Invitation to a Relation

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