Volume 13, Issue 1



Eva-Maria Simms & Beata Stawarska
Introduction: Concepts and Methods in Interdisciplinary Feminist Phenomenology
Silvia Stoller
The Indeterminable Gender: Ethics in Feminist Phenomenology and        Poststructuralist Feminism
Kristin Rodier
Touching The Boundary Mark: Aging, Habit, And Temporality In Beauvoir’s La
Talia Welsh
Unfit Women: Freedom and Constraint in the Pursuit of Health
Neal DeRoo
Phenomenological Insights into Oppression: Passive Synthesis and Personal Responsibility
Hildur Kalman
Faking Orgasms and the Idea of Successful Sexuality
Stacy Giguere
The Poetics of Childbearing: Revelations of an Other World
Linda Finlay & Barbara Payman
“I’m Already Torn”: A Reflexive-Relational Phenomenology of a Traumatic Abortion
Katherine J. Janzen & Sherri Melrose
When the Worst Imaginable Becomes Reality: The Experience of Child Custody Loss in Mothers Recovering from Addictions
Astrida Neimanis
Morning Sickness and Gut Sociality: Towards a Posthumanist Feminist Phenomenology


Geraldine Finn
What Kind of Saying is a Song?

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