Volume 10, Issue 2



Robert D. Romanyshyn
Introduction: Celebrating the Life and Work of J.H. van den Berg
André de Koning
Futurology and Metabletics
Mike Denney
Medical Science, Paradox, and the Enchanted Year of 1900The Noise of the World
Jacques De Visscher
On Cautiousness
Bertha Mook
J. H. Van den Berg Revisited: Reflections on the Changing Nature of Neurosis
Alan Pope
Metabletics In the Light of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
Brent Dean Robbins
Cultural Therapeutics: The Recovery of Metaphoricity
Robert D. Romanyshyn
Journeying with Van den Berg
Robert D. Romanyshyn
The Despotic Eye: An Illustration of Metabletic Phenomenology and Its Implications
Eva-Maria Simms
Literacy and the Appearance of Childhood
Michael P. Sipiora
Obligations Beyond Competency: Metabletics as a Conscientious Psychology
Richard S. Zayed
The Changing Nature of the Phenomenological Method: Lessons Learned from Dialogical Psychotherapy Research


S.D. Christowska
Two poems
Clayton Eshleman
Five poems
Richard Hoffman
Two poems
Tung Hui Hu
Three poems
Chavawn Kelley
The Terra Cotta Pot
Kristin Prevallet
Eight poems
César Vallejo, translated by Clayton Eshleman
Ten Poems from Poemas Humanos


Reviewer: Michael White
John Vincent Bellezza and the Pre-History of Tibet
Review of Spirit-mediums, Sacred Mountains and Related Bon Textual
Traditions in Upper Tibet: Calling Down the Gods
By John Bellezza
Reviewer: Brent Dean Robbins
Putting the Soul in the Study of Psyche
Review of The Wounded Researcher: Research with Soul in Mind
By Robert D. Romanyshyn
Reviewer: Robert Rosenberger
An Ambivalent, Postphenomenological Philosophy of Technology
Review of What Things Do: Reflections on Technology, Agency, and Design
By Peter-Paul Verbeek. Translated by Robert P. Crease