Volume 20, Issue 1

Special Issue on Art and Truth



Editor’s Note


Gerald Cipriani
How the Poem Thinks: Musical Silence and Emptitude in Christian Bobin 

Brian Johnson
Random Acts of Poetry? Heidegger’s Reading of Trakl

Ellen Miller
Seeing Brancusi’s First Cry, A First Time, Again

Tom Grimwood
The Poetics of Rumour and the Age of Post-Truth

Josh Dohmen
The Poetics Of Bodies: Reflections On One Of Sara Ahmed’s Philosophical Insights


Leah Huizar
Scent Reception and Binding
St. John’s Head

Abi Pollokoff
billow and pulse

blake nemec
Future of Hearing Heels

Lau Cesarco Eglin
What I Learned in Galicia

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